I’m glad to have the day off. After a series of busy weekends and a week full of stuff to go to, it’s nice to have today–and yesterday, really–to just do whatever we want, which has mostly been a few errands with most time spent at home. I’ve been catching up on reading, Netflix, and some looming writing deadlines.

This week, we had Paul’s sister Emily’s baccalaureate mass, with some socializing and cake after. His mom is still being a little pushy about wanting me to have a bridal shower, which I don’t want, but I gave her a “maybe” to a luncheon that appeased her for now but will probably turn into a no. Can’t we just throw one big party for the wedding and be done with it?

Thursday brought graduation, dinner, and less wedding talk, thankfully. My old high school is still so familiar, yet at this point, I know only a few of the teachers–I think the new faces I don’t recognize outnumber the familiar ones now. But it’s funny how many of them still remember me. I’ve been instructed to pass along a wedding announcement for the alumni newsletter, but I figure I’ll get to that when we’re actually closer to the wedding.

Graduation itself was nice, but there’s not much to say–just your typical high-school graduation. Emily kicks ass, though, graduating with highest honors and basically a free ride to college. She’s following in my footsteps, heading off to my alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh’s Greensburg campus, to major in writing like I did. She’s even been assigned to the same building I lived in all four years. I’m excited for her. I know she’s anxious to sort of be out on her own, a lot like I was.

She’s tackling all the graduation stuff early–her party was Saturday, and their other sister, Julie, had the idea of doing a group gift of dorm stuff. I know she loved stuff from Lush I got her before and I’d already had the plan of filling a shower caddy with some of their products, so I just added that to the pile, plus a filtered water bottle she said she wanted. The rest of the gifts included organizational drawers, laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, some basic dishes, picture frames, a closet organizer, and a hamper. She’ll need very little. I think the only things we didn’t get her were things that depended a little more on what building she ended up in, which she didn’t find out until the morning of the party.

The party was fun. We went over early to help out and ended up not doing a whole hell of a lot. Paul made cookies Friday night and we helped fill some balloons and decorate the tables, but that was about it. Instead, I somehow ended up holding their baby cousin, Garrett, who’s almost a year old and big enough that I’m not afraid to hold him, and I actually had him for quite a bit, which I know Paul–and everyone else–loved. It helps that he’s a really calm, chill baby. He’s not very fussy and he’s content to just be held by whoever wants him. He played with my necklace a lot, and later, he almost fell asleep on my brother when my family made it over. I’m sure my parents were loving us with babies, too. I caught my mom taking some pictures.

Paul had made me breakfast earlier in the morning and seemed to kind of be really kissing ass, and when I got suspicious, he kind of jokingly said it was in case things didn’t go well at the party. But they were mostly alright–the only issue was when Paul had a few beers early on and was a little drunk, and his mom got unnecessarily concerned, to the point where she started asking me how much he’d had and how much he drinks at home. It’s frustrating that she jumps to conclusions of alcoholism after a few drinks at a party, and it’s frustrating that she acts like if he had a drinking problem, I wouldn’t have done something about it. There was a point over a year ago, when he was in his own apartment before he lived with me, where I was concerned with how often he was drinking, and I said something.

She also always wants him to spend the night over there, so part of me wonders if she wasn’t almost hoping we couldn’t drive home. But we go into these things with a plan–we choose a set time to leave, usually earlier than we actually want to leave because we know we’ll get hung up saying goodbyes, and we stick to it.

She also was apparently pissed that the extended family was a little drunk, too, because God forbid people drink and have fun at a party.

We made a pit stop on our way home at a local store for some local milk and ice cream, then headed home. We spent most of yesterday at home, but we did head out to a food-truck festival at the casino. I also put 20 bucks in a slot machine and lost, and then we went to church and out for groceries. We tried to take a trip out to the park for a walk, but of course it started raining on the way over, despite sunny skies and no rain expected for another few hours.

Today brings laundry, a brief shopping trip, and maybe a second attempt at the park. And the busy weekends will keep on coming–next week, we have a cousin’s graduation party, baby Garrett’s first birthday party, and I have my heart set on going out to watch the Pens game. It’ll most likely be the only game I can go out for, so I really want to take advantage of the opportunity.


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