When I was kid, some shit went down between my parents and one of my dad’s brothers that soured the whole family relationship for years. I can’t remember the details, but it had to do with the house we were sharing with my grandfather, my uncle’s name being on the deed, the heat going out in the middle of winter, and my uncle insisting that my parents could only have Sears come fix it and if we got anyone else, he’d sue. And my mom snapped back that if we had health issues because of not having heat, she’d send him the medical bills.

As I got older, I thought it was dumb that it was still such a sore spot for my parents, and the funny thing is that as I’ve continued to get older, I’ve swung back around to getting it. I think I was also annoyed that they’d consistently complain about spending any time with them…but now I’m that person.

The thing is, I have my other issues with that side of the family. I still absolutely understand why my parents were so pissed for so long. But other things have added up, too. I’ve talked before about my godfather struggling with financial issues and depression and how my aunt literally laughed it off, bragging about not answering his phone calls. She was also an insufferable Facebook friend. Her own bizarre, annoying posts aside–because it’s her Facebook and she can do what she wants, so whatever–she had an opinion on everything anyone posted, even just pretty basic pictures of life. She got downright rude about politics a couple times and she struck a nerve even harder when she left some snarky comment on a status I posted about my dead grandfather, and when I wasn’t satisfied with limiting what she could see, I deleted her entirely over a year ago. I’m not sure when she figured it out, but she mentioned it to my parents a few weeks ago and said the feeling was probably mutual. Well, fuck you, too!

It doesn’t help that they’re ultra-conservative, my uncle in particular–I mean the type of person who says things when he sees gay or interracial couples loud enough for them to hear. My dad’s described it as outright “yelling” at them, but I’ve never seen it for myself, so I can’t say. But I have a problem with that.

So I don’t like going over there anymore. I’ve essentially come full circle and gotten to the point where my parents were maybe a decade ago, while my dad and uncle are probably closer than they’ve ever been. I’ve joked that only two of the siblings can get alone at a time, and when they do, they gang up on the third. My mom seems to side with me a bit more.

But I sucked it up for my youngest cousin’s graduation party, and I’ll give credit where credit is due–everyone was on their best behavior, and it was nice to see some of the more extended family that we don’t see much.

We couldn’t stay long, though–Paul’s baby cousin Garrett was celebrating his first birthday, so we made a stop over there for more food and cake. And that went well, too. I keep anticipating some kind of wedding-planning showdown and it keeps not happening, so I’ll take it. We actually even outstayed Paul’s parents and siblings and talked to his aunt and uncle for a bit, who I do like talking to when the rare chance comes up. We ended up staying longer than we intended, in fact, then headed over to my parents’ to watch the Pens game.

We lost. Boo.

Sunday was a typical lazy day, with some errands and church. This weekend brings a long weekend trip, which we’re really looking forward to and probably really need, then Kelly’s bridal shower, then my birthday, then maybe finally a free weekend where we’ll probably be shut-ins for two days.


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