Friday Five: A Week of Good Behavior

  1. What’s the dumbest thing you did this week? On Sunday, I got really hungry at our hotel in Altoona. Somehow, Paul wasn’t hungry, but I talked him into going to dinner after we discovered we were somehow out of range of all pizza delivery. We decided to just eat at whatever restaurant was closest, which was a local place called Marzoni’s. When we got in the car, I searched for it by name on the GPS, which probably hasn’t been updated in like two years, and didn’t really pay attention to where the place was. When the GPS took us back down the interstate to where we’d been earlier in the day, I was suspicious. It wasn’t far, but it was just the kind of backtracking that was kind of annoying–we drove down there to go to a convention, drove back to go to the hotel, drove down to eat, then would end up going back to the hotel after. When we were heading back after dinner, I saw a sign advertising a different location of the same restaurant like two miles from the hotel. So basically, we drove like 10 minutes farther than we needed to because I didn’t just look at the address or use my phone.
  2. In what way did you save yourself time or energy this week? I wanted to make a quick trip to the outlets this evening, but I was at work a tad later than I expected and Paul had to leave by a certain time to go hang out with a friend. So I had him just meet me in the parking lot so we could leave immediately.
  3. How were you wasteful of personal and natural resources this week? I tossed out some food that I might’ve been able to salvage.
  4. When this week did you take advantage of the opportunity to keep your mouth shut? I don’t think I had such an opportunity. Not much talking at work, and nothing really came up in my person life where it would’ve been better to keep my mouth shut.
  5. In what way this week were you blessed or fortunate? At the risk of sounding cheesy, I have a job, a place to live, a great fiancé, and family and friends.

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