My family decided to push festivities for my birthday and Father’s Day back a couple weeks. Kelly’s bridal shower was the weekend before my birthday, my actual birthday was on a Tuesday, and my dad is gonna be out of town this weekend, so we figured next weekend will work better. The plan I think will be a trip to the zoo and my dad will pick where we go for lunch.

So that freed us up for Father’s Day itself and meant we could head out with Paul’s family and not have to worry about splitting our time up that day. It also meant that his family’s usual method of last-minute plans wasn’t too much of an issue–just the fact that we live an hour away and can’t exactly just come when we’re called.

But we did make it up to Ohiopyle to meet everyone, and with pretty good timing–we showered and left right after we were told the plan and got up there a few minutes later.

Being a nice summer day, the place was packed, as usual, but Paul was excited to be there–we’ve been talking about heading up, we just haven’t had a weekend to do it. We set off on a hike through the woods, and Paul took off as usual, climbing on everything and going off on every little trail. But his family, particularly his mom, aren’t really into that method of hiking, so after a side trip over some rocks, I pulled him aside and told him that and said we’d come back some other weekend and he could go nuts, but for the time being, tone it down and let them lead the way. I had to remind him a couple times, but he got the point. And ironically, his dad made the comment to him privately that he wished he could come up alone and go off wherever. Must be where Paul gets it.

After the hike, we had some food back at the car, then drove back down the mountain to his parents’ house, where Julie was working on a Father’s Day feast. She did something similar a couple years ago for breakfast, but this time, she made a dinner of twice-baked potatoes, pasta salad, green beans, and a bunch of other foods that I don’t remember, other than strawberry brownies. We ate and hung out while his parents fell asleep, and we got going after a little bit.

All in all, it was one of the nicer, calmer holiday outings we’ve had. I actually enjoyed the day overall.


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