So, Paul and I, after a solid month of being busy, finally had a weekend to ourselves where we could just stay home and hang out. So that’s pretty much what we did, aside from a quick walk up to the church festival, actual church, grocery shopping, and two trips to the park to go walking.

We’ve gotten back into the habit of walking every night as long as it doesn’t rain. We average about a half hour each night, covering a distance of a little over a mile. On weekends when we go to the park (or maybe the mountains), we’ll go a little longer. The goal is to increase how far we go each week. We’re starting small around 2 1/2 miles, but I’d love to get to the point where we do the length of the park’s trails and back. God knows how long that is, but who cares?

So were on our Sunday walk when Paul decided he wanted to move from the paved trail to alongside the creek that’s sort of the center of the park, partly because it’s cooler and partly because he just likes things like that. To get over there, we had to cross the road that runs all the way through the park, and when I looked, there was a pickup truck coming, so I thought, “Better go fast.” So I went to do a little jump from the grass onto the road to go into a job across, and somehow, I lost my footing. I think what happened is there was a dip in the ground that was just enough to throw me off just enough to make me fall, but I’m not positive. All I know is one second, my foot was leaving the ground, the next is my face was hitting the pavement.

Honestly, the whole thing felt worse than it ended up being. My knees and hands both hurt, and I hit the left side of my face when I went down and heard my sunglasses break, so I was convinced I was gonna come up bleeding and that my pants were gonna be ripped and my knees all scraped. I did draw some blood on my face, but only a little. Nothing was as bad as I thought it would be, fortunately–no real injuries anywhere except for some minor scrapes on my hand face. I’m probably lucky I didn’t hurt my eye the way I hit and the way my sunglasses broke. I had some scrapes, though, and a long scratch that kind of disappeared by later that evening.

I was sure I was gonna bruise, and I don’t know whether it was the fact that I iced my face when we got home or what, but I didn’t. It’s pretty sore, though, and I had some trouble sleeping because it hurts to lie on that side. Otherwise, I’m fine.

When I told my mom, she took the opportunity to make a 16 Candles reference, as expected.


“You beat up your face!” she said.

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