Friday 5: Ten Years

Happy birthday to the Friday Five! I was probably blogging when you began.

  1. How long would it take you, via the quickest means available, to get to the place of your birth from where you are right now? I’m not sure about the hospital itself, but the town is about an hour away from me–just have to go down the road a little bit, get on the interstate, and stay on that until that exit.
  2. If a traveling food show were to visit your neighborhood, what are some unique, regional foods it would spotlight, and where would it go to get them? Anyone who’s ever watched a food show about Pittsburgh has surely heard of Primanti’s sandwiches. I mean, I’m sure we have other unique regional foods, but that one definitely gets all the attention.
  3. When were you last in ocean waters? I guess it would’ve been on our Parris Island trip, which was a few years ago now. It definitely doesn’t feel that long ago.
  4. What disposable item do you almost never use because you greatly prefer the non-disposable version? I don’t know! I can’t think of anything.
  5. What’s the schwag that’s physically closest to you right now? A pen from my fiancé’s employer.

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