Brandon’s wedding is creeping closer and closer. I have a dress, shoes, and Kelly found hairpieces she wants us to wear, and yet other than a moment when she was opening monogrammed blankets at her bridal shower, it hasn’t really, really hit me that he’s getting married in a few weeks.

Part of the prep process was an appointment for my mom and I to have a make-up test-run, which was fun. Afterward, we went to lunch at Meloni’s, because I was hungry and couldn’t resist the temptation. And from there, I pretty much spent the bulk of the day at my parents’ house. I did some free laundry and my mom and I watched a ton of episodes of I Am Jazz, and that was that.

The make-up trip got us out of a trip dress shopping and lunch with Paul’s mom for Katie and Jacbo’s wedding–or so I initially thought. She ended up with a case of poison ivy, and Emily and Julie question its existence and timing, thinking she just didn’t want to go anymore and bailed. It’s possible. My concern now is that I’ll have no way to get out of it other than lying, I’ll have to suck it up and go and it’ll be a shitshow, or I’ll be busy every other day she suggests, which is actually pretty likely. The only issue with that is the possibility of her complaining that I do have other plans, because of her tendency I have my own family and friends and all.

My mom also wanted to go see The Secret Life of Pets, so Sunday morning, I drove out and met her and my dad in Greensburg to see it. Paul didn’t want to go and stayed behind, and Brandon and Kelly had wedding-cake stuff to tend to, so it was just me and them and their bickering. But the movie was good–it was cute and funny and pretty much what one would expect it to be, given the trailers and plot. I do recommend it if you’re into that type of thing. We also made a quick trip to the mall, ate in the food court, and then I headed home in time for church, some errands, and a walk in the park.

Funny thing is, even though I didn’t actually do a whole hell of a lot, I was gone most of those two days.


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