Another successful weekend.

We altered our walking routine a bit–to squeeze it in along with other stuff we had going on, we got up early both Saturday and Sunday and went to the park first thing in the morning, walking almost three miles each time.

After the Saturday trip, I headed out to my parents’ place again to go to a Lularoe pop-up party with my mom and Aunt Gina. For those who might not know, Lularoe is clothes sold by representatives similar to the way people sell jewelry or make-up or Thirty-One purses–and at this point, I’ve gone to parties for just about all of those things. I’m either great or terrible to have at those, as either I’ll find a lot I like and spend a lot of money or I won’t find a thing. I jokingly call these things pyramid schemes, because, well…the idea is you get people to sell to make extra cash, but it’s very rarely a thing a lot people make a lot of money from and seems to benefit the company as a whole more than individual sellers. That said, I’ve found a lot of stuff I’ve liked through these things, and to be honest, Lularoe might be my favorite of them. The clothes are really, really comfy (albeit expensive), and the concept is interesting. The cynic in me sees this more as a gimmick, but sellers don’t know what patterns they’re getting or how many of that pattern they’re getting in each size, and one something’s gone, it’s gone. No more.

I found a dress, skirt, and leggings I liked, and the funny thing is that due to the sizing, I was able to get away with an extra small in the dress–though it’s a little snug in the arms and chest–and a medium in the skirt, which I really wanted even though a small probably would’ve been better. But I’d be more open to doing that again as opposed to, say, jewelry or make-up.

I hung around my parents’ place for a bit My mom and I went to Target and dinner, then I got sucked into watching Up and washed some old college bedding for Paul’s sister, who ended up not even needing it, which would’ve been nice to know earlier. I came in late in the evening to Paul experimenting in the kitchen with putting black raspberries and walnuts in cookies. Personally, I thought the walnuts were a little too much, but the raspberries were nice.

Today brought a graduation party, where we mostly hung out with Emily, including slipping away for a bit to go for another walk around the park we were in. The end result was a sunburn. On the plus side, it was nice, calm gathering, and I got to hold an adorable, chill baby who likes playing with my jewelry.

More and more lately, I’ve begun to kind of want to have a kid. Fortunately, logic wins out–we’re obviously not gonna go have kids when we’re getting married in a little over a year. And I’d prefer to be living in a house when we get to the babymaking point, but if need be, I’ll settle for a different apartment. We’d definitely need more space, and a nicer place wouldn’t be too bad, either. We could afford it now, really, but we decided last year to stay put, save money, and save ourselves to hassle of multiple moves.

So realistically, I’ve said it’s gonna be at least two years before we consider it. In the meantime, I’m content to just hold other people’s babies.


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