I still have a bunch of vacation time to use–last time I checked, I still had a solid week I need to use by the end of the year, although I may have slightly less now–so my method has been to take two days off anytime I want to request one. Usually, it’s the day after a concert, so for this last one, I figured I’d do day of and day after. Gave myself a nice, short work week and a nice, long weekend.

I spent those two days at home lounging and napping, with a small dose of chores and writing.

Thursday night, we went to dinner at Markook then set off for Star Lake Amphitheater/Post-Gazette Pavilion/First Niagara Pavilion. It’s a pretty good venue for big summer concerts, but it’s notorious for having terrible parking, so I wanted to get us there a little early. Next time, I should aim for even earlier, because we sat in parking-lot traffic for a good half hour, making us miss the beginning of Cheap Trick’s set. And they were the band I wanted to see the most. I’m cursed when it comes to Cheap Trick at that place. Both times I’ve seen them open there, I’ve ended up missing the first part of the set. Fortunately, I’ve seen them do a full set elsewhere.

And if you have the opportunity to see Cheap Trick headline at a smaller venue, take it. I may have missed part of their set twice, but I did see them at a smaller venue a few years ago, and they really do put on a great show that just kind of works better at a smaller venue. I think almost all musicians are like that, with the exception of maybe the big spectacles that, say, pop stars put on. Cheap Trick was the main reason I wanted to go, which is blasphemy in some circles considering the rest of the bill was Joan Jett and Heart.

They were all great. I’d say Joan Jett impressed me most. The funny thing is because of the nature of the concert and the fact that I’m mostly just familiar with hers and Heart’s hits, it was the kind of thing I could enjoy a little more leisurely, which is kind of nice. I’ve seen bands I’m very unfamiliar with and I’ve seen bands where I went out of my mind, dancing and singing along to everything, and to have something kind of in the middle of that was a nice change.

I spent a significant amount of time Friday napping. The thing about taking days off when Paul doesn’t is he still gets up at 6 for work, which inevitably wakes me up. So lately, rather than try to go back to sleep and lie in bed God knows how long, I decided to go ahead and get up and just nap later if I got tired. I ended up falling asleep twice, barely eating, and getting a headache as a result. By the time Paul came home from work, I was waking up from my second nap and we decided to go to Primanti’s for dinner, likely undoing a couple weeks’ worth of walking about a mile every day and up to six miles on the weekends.

The other advantage to the two days off was having some time at home before heading out to Ohio for the weekend.


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