Saturday 9: Jammin’

Saturday 9: Jamming (1977)

… Because Eloquent Obi suggested Bob Marley. Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) In Jamaica, “jamming” means to celebrate. What’s going on in your life today that’s worth celebrating? Well, we’re probably taking a small casino trip tomorrow to do a bachelor/bachelorette party for my brother and his fiancée, and then their wedding is next weekend.

2) The group that became famous as “The Wailers” originally called themselves “The Teenagers.” What was trendy when you were a teenager (clothes, music, etc.)? It was the early 2000s, and I fell the pop-punk/emo craze. I arguably never truly left it behind.

3) Bunny Wailer and Bob Marley were very close. In addition to being bandmates, they were friends in elementary school and later became family (Bunny’s dad and Bob’s mom had a daughter together). Who has known you the longest? Aside from siblings and cousins, I still have some friends from middle school.

4) Does the person you named in #3, the one who’s known you longest, know you best? In terms of personality, yes, in terms of the details of my life, no. And of course, the personal who truly knows me best if my fiancé.

5) Bandmate Peter Tosh became an avid unicycle rider. What’s your favorite form of exercise? When I first started trying to be more active, I told my fiancé I need to do things that I enjoy and don’t feel like exercise, which of course tend to be more leisurely. I like walking, yoga, and swimming, and I don’t hate the ab wheel he got me to try.

6) Bob Marley was known for his signature dreadlocks. When were you last in a stylist’s chair? Last weekend for a test-run for my hair for my brother’s wedding. I got my bangs trimmed while I was in there.

7) Marley’s charisma is credited for popularizing reggae music the world over. Are you a fan? I dabble.

8) Mr. Marley is one of the highest-earning dead celebrities, and manufacturers pay his estate to use his likeness to sell their merchandise. What dead celebrity have you seen recently on a t-shirt, mug, poster, etc.? David Bowie on a shirt. And I bought it.

9) Random question: Have you ever had your palm read? Yeah, by some random woman. I can’t remember what she told me. My interactions with mediums have been more interesting and memorable, though.


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