And just like that, my brother’s wedding has come and gone.

The week ended up being a little busier than I expected it to be, mostly because we entertained guests for the first time in ages. Paul’s brother Jacob is a Marine in California and was flying in Wednesday morning, so to make picking him up easier, their sisters and his fiancée came over Tuesday night for a sleepover. We cleaned like beasts to prepare and did a pretty good job, to be honest–it was kind of proof that it was easy to do, we just need the motivation to do it. We still had some problem areas, like the mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen that we can’t quite seem to tackle, but the place looked better than it has in a while and I was satisfied with the progress we made.

When they got here, we took them to dinner at Markook, hung out there for a bit, then came back and sat around bullshitting for hours, keeping us all up quite a bit later than we should’ve been–Paul and I had work the next morning, and they were leaving early to pick Jacob up. But I kind of knew it would happen. We’re not all together very often and with so much going on in all of ours lives right now, there was lots of talking to be done. We kept circling back to talking about their mom, which became a theme over the course of the week when we were together. We start telling stories and comparing notes and complaining.

It was a fun visit, and when Paul mentioned wanting to hang out with Jacob, we worked out that they could come back Thursday night, especially since Paul and I both took Friday off. So we all had a fun, exhausted Wednesday, then Katie and Jacob came back Thursday night armed with mixers for alcohol and we essentially spent the night drinking and watching a movie. So we had a couple of fun late nights before the chaos of wedding weekend descended upon us.


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