So we stayed up late drinking and hanging out Thursday night and slept in Friday. I wanted to go out first thing in the morning to run some pre-wedding errands–mostly, I wanted some fresh face powder from Sephora. So I intended to sneak out before anyone was awake, but we all kind of ended up awake around the same time and I hung around a little longer to talk. Mistake number one.

I grabbed just about everything I wanted/needed and was making one last stop to look for a nice little clutch to carry with me instead of my big, beastly, beat-up bag, and I called my mom to ask her opinion on colors. Mistake two, in a sense–she ended up sending me for plastic cups, and by the time I found them and bought out Target’s stock of them, I was cutting my time short. I had to call in a favor and have Paul dig out my bridesmaids’ dress, and it’s a good thing I did, because by the time I got in, I only had 10 minutes before I wanted to leave for rehearsal. So I changed clothes in a hurry, threw some overnight necessities in a bag, and booked it out. I did my makeup in the car.

Rehearsal was pretty straightforward–we practiced entering and leaving and got a rundown of how the ceremony would go, and then we went to dinner, which was delicious. We’ve managed to eat most of the leftovers we were sent home with, but we haven’t tackled them all. Two boxes each of salad, stuffed shells, gnocchi, meatballs, chicken, and potatoes is a good bit of food. We barely needed groceries by the end of the weekend.

Paul headed home after dinner–I figured he was better off there Saturday morning than in the chaos I knew my parents’ house would be the day of the wedding, plus it gave him a night to himself at home, which he almost never gets, and he’d be readily available in case I forgot anything. Fortunately, I didn’t forget anything I needed for the wedding, but I did forget things that would make my life easier, like my glasses. In the meantime, the rest of the bridal party (okay, mostly just the groomsmen) was trying to figure out where to go out for a drink, and I was on the fence about whether or not to join. I had to be up earlier than they did and they were initially looking at some bars that are cash-only, but then I mentioned that Uncle Clark was on the other side of town in a hotel and had been texting my dad, asking him to go over and drink with him. Why not us all go instead? So we did. I rode with one of the groomsmen, and we took a small caravan over–us in one car, Brandon, his bride, and groomsman Steve in another, eventually followed by Katie and Jacob, who had some wedding-related pit stops to make. I bought everyone a round, and we sat outside and drank and hung out with Uncle Clark, who seemed to entertain those who hadn’t met him before and definitely entertained his dear niece and nephew.

We ended up getting a good crowd going, as my parents stopped by, too, and dropped off rehearsal-dinner leftovers and hung out for a bit, followed by my Uncle Eric, making it the first time in God knows how long the three of the Sheetz boys were in the same place at the same time without bitching.

I’m glad we went. I think it was good for Uncle Clark, and it was fun for the rest of us before the wedding day arrived. It was actually a nice evening, considering that side of the family can get dicey when they’re all in one place.

I rode home with my parents, while a few of the crowd stuck around a little longer. Mom and I watched General Hospital before bed, and when we woke up in the morning–after a heavy round of late-night rain that I thought would scare the dog into crawling in bed with us–it was my brother’s wedding day.


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