After the excitement of Brandon’s wedding, we kind of hung out Sunday morning, then hosted some family–Uncle Clark more or less just showed up, not knowing we were having anyone else over, and we invited aunts and uncles and Kelly’s family. My mom’s uncle brought a disk of pictures he’d taken of the wedding, so we watched a slideshow of those and ate the tons of leftovers we had from the caterer.

Meanwhile, Terra was in town for the weekend, and she’d invited Paul and I out to see Beatlemania in the park, which we usually do go to. I told her it was iffy and figured we’d just kind of see how things went. The guests hung around long enough that I would’ve felt weird leaving with everyone there when we didn’t really have to go anywhere, and on top of that, Paul fell asleep. I left hime alone for a little bit, then we packed up some more leftovers and headed home. I have so many cheese cubes in my fridge even now.

Turns out Paul wasn’t just tired, he was coming down with a cold. He called off work Monday, while I went into the city to Terra’s brother’s place to hang out with her for a bit. We went to lunch and I discovered I’d left all my money in the little bag I took to the wedding and felt terrible asking Terra to pay, but at least I made good on it by paying her back and then some. God bless online banking. The other problem with this was my gas light came on just as I was getting into the city, so I had a fun time hoping my tank would last me until I got home–and on top of that, my phone was dead, so if I would’ve run out of gas, I would’ve been fucked. Fortunately, I made it, stopped back at the apartment, charged my phone for a hot minute, gathered my money, then went back out for gas and light groceries. Because how many groceries does one really need with a fridge full of meals from a rehearsal dinner and wedding and tons of veggies and cheese cubes?


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