We’re now officially just under a year away from the wedding, which is just far enough away that it doesn’t feel like a real thing that’s actually happening yet creeping closer enough to make me aware of what I have left to do. Fortunately, most of the big stuff is already tackled, and I’m hammering out details.

I’m trying to save money where I can, too, of course, which means keeping an eye for “wedding fleatiques,” because I guess calling it a flea market isn’t classy enough for the modern bride. So I tackled one of those on Saturday with my mom, and to be honest…it was disappointing. It was small and, as I said to Paul later, “overrun with pyramid schemes.” Things like Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Origami Owl, etc. Now, I understand why women who are representatives go to these things–it really is a good opportunity to get out there and possibly make some sales. But the thing is, when you’re a bride looking for centerpieces and decorations on the cheap and the show is small enough as it is and about half the tables aren’t even wedding-related and are just companies peddling shit, it’s frustrating. It was small enough that I don’t really feel like they took up space that could’ve been occupied by couples reselling things, but there were enough of them that I felt like I didn’t get what I wanted out of the event. At least admission included a free drink.

The whole thing felt like a waste of time and money, really, but at least we salved some of the drive by heading to nearby Greensburg, having some lunch, and doing a little shopping. It was mostly practical stuff, but I got to take advantage of my mom’s Sam’s Club membership and get us stocked up on some stuff a little cheaper than usual.

That occupied a good bit of the day Saturday in the end, and Sunday was the usual church/groceries/walk in the park day.

The wedding planning continued today with a meeting with a priest at church, and I guess it won’t be truly official until we’ve done the marriage prep, but we pretty much have the church locked down. Things are falling into place!


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