Saturday, we had a one-year-old’s birthday party to attend, so we arrived fashionably late due to Paul’s morning tai chi class, hung out for a bit, then headed out to go transfer titles on both mine and Brandon’s cars–my mom finally booted us off onto our own insurance. We’ve been talking about it for a while, but we finally actually did it, so the cars have been put in our names. Just in time for mine to get inspected and for me to be told that it might not pass inspection next year, leading me to look at buying a new car. I really, really was hoping to put that off another year or so with the wedding, but of course, the universe wants these things to coincide. But I’d rather buy one now when it’s not crucial than to wait it out and end up with a car that won’t pass inspection without a lot of work or a car that starts giving me lots of trouble. So this weekend, my mom and I are probably going to at least take a look.

And from there, we ran off into the wilderness with Terra for the rest of the weekend.

She’s moved back home. See, the thing is, her husband decided he wants a divorce. It’s not my story to tell, so I won’t hash out the details, but I’ll say I’ve been aware of it since he first brought it up to her at the end of May and that I’m really angry at him for his reasons why and the way he’s handled it. He’s been nothing–and I can’t stress this enough–but selfish, and he clearly doesn’t view marriage as any sort of commitment and has really unhealthy attitudes about what it is to the point that he never should’ve married her, and if I had any inkling he would say and do some of the things he has, I would’ve expressed my concerns to her. I’m disappointed in him, and I feel bad for her.

She moved back last Monday, although most of her stuff is still in Virginia, and on Thursday, since she can’t drive for medical reasons, Paul and I drove out, grabbed some dinner, and took her to run errands so she has food for herself and the pets. On Saturday, we picked her up and headed off to camp–her idea. Just the three of us plus dog, too, since she said she didn’t want to hear her mom and her boyfriend spend the weekend talking about how horrible Scott is. I promised to keep my shit-talking at a minimum, in that case, which I mostly honored. I only commented when she brought him up first.

We got up there Saturday evening and had enough daylight to go to Paul’s favorite rock-climbing spot, then pretty much stayed in the rest of the night. We slept in one room with Paul and I on a fold-out and Terra on a couch with beagle Lilly, although we were up late talking about Scott, of course, plus Paul’s mom, which essentially summarizes the whole weekend’s conversation, for the most part. I actually fell asleep and was fading in and out, popping in with the occasional comment and waking myself up with my snoring, even though it was light. I’m self-conscious of it when other people are awake, so I somehow wake myself up with it when I know I don’t want people to hear me snore. Doesn’t happen when I’m actually snoring loud.

Terra and I slept in pretty epically on Sunday–poor Paul wakes up earlier than we do and is stuck trying to entertain himself. It’s kind of the opposite of how we are at home. I’m always up first on weekends and he follows a couple hours later, but something about camp makes me sleep so much more than I normally would. I can’t even blame it on, say, physical activity, especially because I honestly don’t do a hell of a lot more than I do on a typical night. The best I can think of is I’m just really relaxed. Camp is quiet, and I’m always hyperaware of just how quiet it is when we get home and I hear tires screeching or sirens wailing outside, as we live right off of a main road. At camp, it’s just crickets and the wind, and for two days in a row, I slept for nearly 12 hours. Maybe I needed it, but I probably didn’t.

When Terra and I did get up, we set off–including Lilly–to all the little shops scattered across state-park property that we like. I say this every year and it always stays true, but leave it to Terra and I to go into the woods and come back with jewelry. It’s not my fault that one of the shops has really pretty stuff.

When we were done with that, we went down to the river and just kind of hung out and sunbathed for a while and were entertained by people about our age drunkenly hanging out, too. When we headed back to camp, we built a fire, cooked over it, and wrote Scott’s name on firewood and burned it.

Monday, we cleaned and packed up so we weren’t rushed, then worked in a short walk on some park trails before hitting the road back home. And then it was really back to real life, with grocery shopping, laundry, and showering for the first time in two days on the agenda.

Terra didn’t seem happy to be home, and I can’t blame her. But other than that, it was a nice weekend that I think did us all good. We all got away for a few days and bitched and vented to each other and just spent some quality time together. For me, it was a reminder of how grateful I am for the two of them and how happy and at peace I am with life right now, but that comes in stark contrast to where Terra is right now. And that sucks to be watching it happen. Her whole year has been shit, but here’s to hoping she’ll get a fresh start now that she’s back.


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