So, while Paul went off to get measured for his tux for Katie and Jacob’s wedding, he dropped me off at my parents’ house, I threw some laundry in, and my mom and I headed off to look at cars. It was a pretty successful trip–we found some good used ones that I liked and I’m little more comfortable paying for, but I also found the same type here at home in a more current year at a lower price, so we’ll see where we can get on that. But it’s looking like I’m gonna have a new car within the next few weeks, at most.

Paul’s favorite restaurant in town is Fiesta Azteca and he’s been wanting to go for a long time now and we just haven’t been able to, so we made it after car shopping. We hung out at my parents’ for a bit after that and we were planning to stop by his, unfortunately for me, but they were taking Emily back to school, so I lucked out. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing–I told Paul the bridal shower issue is coming to a head and I’d be firm about it if it came up and that it was just a matter of when that happens rather than if, and then today we found out his mom blames Katie for her depression, saying that it’s because of Katie no longer including her in wedding planning. It’s bullshit, and Paul was furious was he found out.

Today, we headed to the park for a walk, where we discovered they were doing a 5K with dogs, which I totally would’ve done had I known about it. As part of it, they had some vendors set up, so basically, I went to the park to go for a walk and came out with clothes. And then we went to the mall as previously planned so I could stop at Lush and Sephora. And then we went to Half Price Books–we’ve been doing a good job of avoiding it, but there are a few books that have come out lately I wanted, so we went. I didn’t find the books I’d set out to get, but I did find some older releases I’d been looking for, so…kind of a success? And then we had lunch, went to church, and are in for the night.

It’s gonna be a short week–Katie’s bachelorette party in State College is this weekend, so we’ve both requested Friday off so we can get up there early and have a bit of a longer weekend, especially since it sounds like we’ll be spending most of the weekend drinking.


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