Friday 5: That’s My Fund-Day

  1. What’s the last thing you didn’t want but purchased anyway because someone’s kid was raising funds for something? I bought candy bars from someone by my apartment. Now, I wouldn’t say I didn’t want them because it’s from a great local candy company and I wasn’t gonna turn that down, but I typically don’t buy that candy otherwise.
  2. What’s something you’re always happy to buy when kids sell it as a fundraiser? …candy.
  3. What was the last fundraiser you participated in? I don’t remember. It was probably back in high school, meaning it was probably food. I think we sold food and candles at some point.
  4. What are your feelings about the endless cycle of fundraising? I went to Catholic school pretty much my whole life until college, and Catholic schools aren’t known to be rolling in money. So I did a lot of it and get why it can be really good for organizations that need money, but because I did a lot of it, I can see how it can be tiring for people who get a lot of requests from coworkers or family.
  5. What’s something people don’t sell as a fundraiser but really should? I can’t think of anything because most of what I think would sell well is already being sold, like food. But I’d say any useful item people already buy–practical sorts of things, things that will make people feel like they’re helping a good cause without buying something they don’t really want or need.

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