Friday 5: All Over

  1. What would you like right now to be coated with? Pajamas and blankets.
  2. What’s something you recently slathered on something else? I slathered myself with sugar scrub in the shower.
  3. What’s something you purchased recently whose purpose is to cover something? I just bought a new phone case last week. I replace them when they start to get battered, and a big chunk of the corner of my last case cracked and came off, so it was time. The new case is pretty good, too, and actually covers the entire phone and came with a protective covering for the screen.
  4. What do your current bed linens look like? Light blue fancy bamboo sheets I got on Groupon that are super soft and comfy, with kind of a patchwork-looking comforter on top. That needs washed, but it’s a bit too warm for the most part to switch out to one of the bigger, thicker ones. Although it is getting close.
  5. Under what circumstances did you last wear some kind of gloves? I bought rubber gloves for washing dishes once solely to protect Renfest henna on my hands, but I started using them more regularly to protect my engagement ring when I need to wash something real quick and don’t want to take my ring on and off to do it. I probably used it a couple days ago–I didn’t wear my ring at all yesterday, actually, since I only went for a walk and was home the rest of the day.

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