The work weeks are all blurring together lately, as they tend to do, but the fall TV season is back. And that means that it’s a fun time to watch TV for a living, and I can typically count on seeing some good stuff a couple times a week. And trust me, I’ve seen some good shit.

Paul and I took last Friday off, intending to set out early for State College to get there in the afternoon and have the evening to hang out. We started the day with a walk in the park, then came back, packed up, and hit the road, ultimately later than we wanted, but it’s not like it was a big deal. We had nowhere to be, really, it was just that we wanted to maximize time, especially knowing Saturday was gonna be packed with events for Katie’s bachelorette party.

We grabbed some food on the way and checked into our motel, which was this little motel on the outskirts of downtown State College–I’d seen it plenty of times, since it’s next to The Waffle Shop and The Greek, two of my favorite restaurants. Penn State had a rivalry football game that weekend, so everything filled up pretty fast. I’d actually underestimated how fast it would happen and kind of took it for granted that we’d have no problem getting a room, and it turned out that everything was sold out a solid month or so in advance. The bridesmaid in charge of things had called around and put herself on waiting lists, though, and we got lucky and snagged a room with two double beds, meaning Brandon and Kelly would stay with us.

Of course, the football game meant lodging prices were jacked up horribly, and although it was cute motel that I’d stay in again–and I even think I preferred it to the historic hotel we stayed in downtown a few months ago–it was so not worth how expensive it was.

While Brandon and Kelly were still making their drive, Paul and I hit the town with his childhood friend Nelson, who came in for the event. I did my usual little shopping trip–I knew Friday evening was about my only chance for it, and I didn’t want to be pestering anyone (okay, except Paul) about wanting to go shopping in the midst of tailgates, football games, and bar crawls. So Nelson and Paul hit a bar while I bought some clothes. I think I finished up a lot faster than they expected–they barely had a beer down by the time I met back up with them in this neat but very crowded bar downtown that seemed to be a hit with older alumni. From there, we went to our beloved Zeno’s, where I drank Space Herpes and snacked on mozzarella sticks. Brandon and Kelly met us there for a few drinks and the hotel key, as I had the only one.

And when we got in, we pretty much went to bed. Saturday was going to start really early–our presence was requested for the tailgate by 8, and we wanted to go to breakfast first, so we had a wakeup of just before 6 or something ridiculous like that.


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