Booking Through Thursday: Location Part Two

An off-shoot from last week’s question: Do you read books from places you DON’T know and haven’t been as a substitute for actually travelling there?

I guess my answer is kind of similar to last week‘s in that a book’s setting–or since we’re talking location, possibly even country of origin–doesn’t have any impact on my reading habits. As for travel, I think the best way to experience a place is to actually go there, but I totally understand that that’s not always possible or practical, whether it be for financial reasons, safety concerns, other obligations, etc. So in that case, although I wouldn’t personally use it this way, I can absolutely how some people might sort of live vicariously though books in that way.

On top of it–and I know I say this all the damn time, but it’s so often relevant–books are great for reading other perspectives, and I think books set in far-off (real) places are a great example of how we could use them to see the world from someone else’s eyes, especially when you consider things like cultural differences and the number of ways people’s experiences can differ even just due to location.


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