Friday 5: Impromptu

  1. What’s something you’ve created while improvising in the kitchen? I don’t do much improvising in the kitchen. This question is much better suited to my fiancé, who concocts strange things all the time, occasionally things only he likes. The best I do is, like, putting different things in stuffed peppers.
  2. In your work, how good are you at winging it? It’s tough to wing it at my day job because there’s not much to wing. But in writing, very.
  3. When you travel, how much of your trip do you make up as you go? It depends on the trip and the company. I’d say generally, it’s about an even split. I like to set aside time for some things I definitely want to do, but I also like to have some freedom and not feel like I’m on a schedule on vacation.
  4. How structured are your plans for this weekend? There’s a little bit of structure and a little bit of winging it. I’m probably gonna help take a friend’s cat to the vet since she can’t drive for medical reasons, then I’m gonna go to a Lularoe party I definitely don’t need to go to, and on Sunday, my brother is having a little apartment-warming party.
  5. What’s something you’ve discovered while wandering around in your neighborhood? Usually just shenanigans. Like today, when we went for a walk and found that there’d been an accident up the road and that life flight was in the Shop N Save parking lot.

From here.


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