I’ve probably said this before, but my ideal State College trip would just be eating my way across town. I fell in love with so many restaurants on there, and I did hit a good bit of them earlier in the summer, but my plan was to get to the others on this most recent trip. Fortunately, The Greek, where we had dinner Saturday night, was on that list, but unfortunately, that was about all we had time for in a pretty busy weekend.

Ideally, we would’ve hit one more before we left town Sunday morning, but my appetite was limited and I really wanted to squeeze in a creamery visit. And the thing is, I never thought I’d be one of those Penn State Creamery people–I found the ice cream to be overrated at first. And then I tried to coconut chip and it turned me into one of those Penn State Creamery people. So that was our last stop, and by the time we checked out of the hotel and got there, it was essentially breakfast.

Then we hit the road and got stuck in traffic coming back through Pittsburgh on the parkway, because of course there was an accident. On the bright side, we had nowhere to be, but it’s frustrating to get held up like that when you have other things you want to do with your evening at home.

Since then, I’ve had busy week of working, car shopping, and other shenanigans.


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