I couldn’t resist the temptation of a ModCloth pop-up shop in Pittsburgh, so of course I dragged Paul downtown with me on a Friday after work a couple weeks ago. I promised he’d get dinner out of the deal. He just, you know, had to sit and wait for me to buy clothes first. And if ever there was a man who was obviously so not into his fiancée buying clothes, it was him, sitting on a couch in the middle of the store looking tired and bored. Bless him.

I was hoping they’d have more of their dresses stocked, but it’s probably better they didn’t–it’s expensive stuff, and just buying two skirts did enough damage.

I’d asked the Internets for dinner recommendations. We’re in that part of town often enough that we’ve tried a few of the well-known restaurants, and I was looking for something different, especially since I know Pittsburgh has a lot more to offer than one might think. The original plan was to hit a taco place, but we changed plans to meet up with Terra’s sister-in-law, Tina, who had some jerky to give us for donating to Terra’s brother’s crowdfunding page. Check it out if you like jerky. I’m a vegetarian, so I’ve never actually eaten it, but I hear good things from people who do like jerky.

So instead of staying downtown, we figured we’d make things easier on her and picked a place she’d recommended, actually, on the North Side close to their house. Honestly, the switch wasn’t a big deal–all the suggested menus were appealing, and the winner was chosen initially because Paul didn’t want to walk too far, but I’m glad we ended up where we did. We tried Benjamin’s Burgers, who had an interesting selection of burgers, including veggie options. They also had a smoked tofu sandwich that intrigued me, as well as lots of cheese options. We had an appetizer of brie with honey and apples, and I went for a veggie burger topped with goat cheese and apple. Paul had a smoked-salmon sandwich that he raved about, so Benjamin’s is a definite winner for us next time we’re on that side of town and hungry.

We spent Sunday at Renfest with his sister Emily, who’d never been. We enjoyed the festivities and vendors, as usual.


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