Working in the TV industry means that the fall is a very busy time, meaning putting in overtime, but the tradeoff is the work is also more enjoyable, for the most part. I also just passed my fifth anniversary in the company, which is kind of weird–it doesn’t feel like I’ve been out of school and working that long, but I have, and I never thought I’d be there this long. My job hunt continues, but I’m still being really picky. Getting a raise every year is nice incentive, as is the fact that I got to pick out a gift for my anniversary. I chose a five-piece luggage set that I could really use.

Paul and I both had long, tiring weeks at work last week, so Thursday we caved to having dinner at the Greek place in town.

Saturday I picked Terra up to pick her cut up from the vet, and I ended up paying since she’s only just started working, hasn’t been paid yet, and she’s entitled to some of Scott’s money that he’s not giving her. I’d just gotten paid, I was going to a Lularoe party in the evening, and I could afford to do it, so when she said she was gonna write a check and hope they didn’t cash it until she got paid, I didn’t feel right letting her take that chance. And as vet visits go anyway, it was a relatively small amount of money.

I went to my parents’ house, then to the Lularoe party, then with my mom to the mall right quick, then back to the house for some free laundry.

On Sunday, my brother had a small apartment-warming party, mostly attended by immediate family–Paul and me plus my parents, and his new wife’s mom, siblings, and their significant others. Paul and I ended up hanging around the longest, just kind of talking and dicking around.

Unfortunately, that was also the day I discovered my new car had been hit in the lot, so my day off Monday ended up half being spent driving to a body shop for an estimate, then taking advantage of the trip to do more free laundry at my parents.

And now it’s back to the work grind for the week, and I’m on Saturdays this month.


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