Friday 5: Bacon

So, as this week’s questions are all about bacon and I’m a vegetarian, I was given the option to substitute, but I actually decided to answer the bacon questions–I think it could be interesting. So here we go.

  1. When did you most recently have bacon, and what did you have with it? So yeah, I’ve been a vegetarian for over 10 years now, so I’d say the last time I had bacon was probably about when I was 15–12 years ago. Going veg wasn’t super easy and bacon is delicious, so there’s a good chance I gave into temptation after I made the vegetarian decision. At some point within the first year or so afterward, I did try fake vegetarian bacon, which looks like Play-Doh but tastes pretty good if you haven’t eaten real bacon in a long time.
  2. How do you like your bacon? I always liked it a little crispy but not too crispy.
  3. Where do you rate bacon among the standard breakfast meats? It was my #1 at the time. The thing was even before I went vegetarian, I didn’t eat a whole hell of a lot of meat, and my breakfast-meat intake was basically that and the occasional sausage.
  4. What’s something unusual you’ve had with bacon as an ingredient?  How was it? When I went vegetarian, I wasn’t the most adventurous eater, so nothing. It would be a few years before I’d meet my fiancé, who at chocolate-covered bacon at the county fair. He’s also had maple-bacon cupcakes. Honestly, if I ate bacon, I’d probably try both at this point. Sure, chocolate-covered bacon still does sound kind of gross, but I don’t really care anymore. Well, I mean, aside from still not eating bacon.
  5. What’s a better aroma to wake up to than bacon? So, another thing I don’t consume–coffee. I don’t drink it, mostly because I don’t like it, but I love the smell of it.

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