Saturday 9: My Life Would Suck Without You

Saturday 9: My Life Would Suck Without You (2009)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) This video begins with Ms. Clarkson on a swing. When you were young, did you prefer the swings or the slide? Swings. I liked swinging a lot, and slides always bothered me, especially big ones. I somehow had a tendency to come down them awkwardly and get hurt at a pretty young age, so after that, I was just kind of afraid of them. Except little open ones.

2) The first words are, “Guess this means you’re sorry.” Who is the last person to apologize to you? There are some apologies I still haven’t received, including ones from my fiancé’s mom. I don’t think I’ll ever get those ones.

3) One of Kelly’s earliest show business jobs was as an extra on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. Do you believe in witches and warlocks? No.

4) Mentioning witches and seeing Kelly with a lollipop reminds Sam … She needs to pick up a 1 lb. bag of Dum Dums for Trick or Treaters. Have you done anything in preparation for Halloween? Only looking up the dates and times for the annual Rocky Horror production!

5) Ms. Clarkson’s advice to aspiring young singers is not to listen to advice. “Everyone gives you their 2¢ worth, but you have to follow your gut.” Are you good at soliciting and following advice? Or do you tend to follow your gut? A little of both, I think. I think I’m good at looking at someone’s situation and what would provide the best outcome and giving advice from there, but I don’t typically ask for advice–although when I discuss things with my therapist and he gives suggestions, I do listen. But I tend to do what feels right for me, and I almost always have an idea of just what that is.

6) The year this song was popular, 2009, saw two major newspapers go out of business. Both the Seattle Post Intelligencer and Rocky Mountain News published their last editions. Do you still read a paper copy of your local newspaper? Not a paper copy, no, although I’m considering subscribing at least online.

7) In 2009, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook tried to buy Twitter, but was rebuffed. Which social media site do you spend the most time on? Twitter. I have it up on my computer and scroll through it pretty consistently, and I check it even on my phone more often than Facebook or other social media. Facebook, though it’s been better lately I think thanks to strategic unfriending and unfollowing, just gets to a level of negativity and nastiness that my Twitter feed just never seems to reach.

8) In 2009, the Balmain Collection included a pair of jeans that retailed for $2,165. What’s the most you would pay for denim pants? I mean, right now, maybe 60 to 70 bucks. If I were rich, I’d consider spending a lot if I really liked them, but they’re jeans. I feel like if you’re paying that much money for jeans, you’re paying for a name, not the style or quality or anything else. Which is also how I feel about the majority of designer clothes.

9) Random question: You buy a charity raffle ticket and tuck it into a friend’s birthday card. Before you can give the card to her, the numbers are drawn and you realize the ticket is worth $500. Do you keep the ticket or give it to your friend, as planned? Given that most of my friends need that money more than I do right now, give it as planned. I also don’t think it would be right to keep, and I can’t see myself keeping it. Even if I did, I’d feel really guilty.


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