And so after something like a nearly two-year engagement and a total of six years together, Katie and Jacob are finally married!

It was one of those weddings that was kind of always a given. I think everybody that knows them always knew this day would come, it was just a matter of when.

Rehearsal was Thursday, so after a long work day, Paul and I threw on some nicer clothes, got stuck in damn construction traffic, and got to rehearsal slightly late–and I was actually kind of glad they didn’t wait for us to start. We hadn’t missed much anyway. When it did end, we headed over to Uniontown to a hotel for dinner, the planning of which had been an issue because Paul’s parents wanted to pay for it but rejected just about every place Katie suggested. Everything was either too expensive, not nice enough, or not suited to everyone’s taste in food. It’s one of multiple reasons why I don’t want Paul’s parents paying for ours, and as much as it sucks to watch what his mom in particular has put Katie and Jacob both through over the course of planning, it’s also shown me what I can expect and helped me develop a plan for how to handle these things if and when they come up over the course of planning our wedding.

And before we knew it, the wedding rolled around on Saturday.

The guys’ end of being in a wedding is so much more low-key. For my brother’s wedding, I spent the night at my parents’ and got up early for hair and makeup, but for best man Paul, it was just a day of cleaning and laundry while I knew we could squeeze it in, then getting ready and going to church.

Jacob was texting while we were on our way, complaining that his parents were picking up his grandparents and a family friend and hadn’t left on time. Had Paul and I known this, we would’ve left earlier to pick him up. Why they didn’t delegate this to another relative baffles pretty much all of us. They were the parents of the groom and had to get the groom to church on time, and they’re driving all over the county. It was ridiculous. But I learned from that, too, and we’ll be telling Paul’s family to show up for our wedding a half-hour earlier than everyone else.

Kelly and I got put on program duty at rehearsal, which gave us something to do before the wedding started and while Brandon and Paul were occupied with wedding-party duties. At some point, Paul’s mom said to me, “We get to plan yours next,” and I thought, “This isn’t a ‘we.'”

For the most part, the wedding went great. Katie looked beautiful and I loved her dress, and she was probably the happiest bride I’ve ever seen. I think it comes with the territory of being in a long-distance relationship and finally being married and able to start their lives together–the wedding was Saturday, and she moved out to California with him Wednesday. And I imagine there was also a level of relief that the planning was done and the day was there.

After the ceremony, there was the usual trip to take pictures, followed by the reception, where Julie’s boyfriend sat with me and my family because he didn’t know many other people and hates Paul/Jacob/Julie’s side of the family. In fact, when it comes to cranky significant others of the kids, Michael cracked the fastest and most dramatically. I don’t know if Katie and I have more patience or what, but Michael reached a breaking point much sooner than she and I did. He was in a mood, unfortunately, due to not liking the family, not liking weddings, and being stressed about exams at school, but he seemed to loosen up and enjoy himself and be relatively comfortable back with us. I’m told that when their mom went back to talk to him later, he told her he didn’t want to be there and tried to resist hugging her about as long as one reasonably can before you don’t have a choice anymore.

As for me and pretty much everyone else, as far as I can tell, we had a great time. I’m trying to eat less shit in general, so I did a pretty good job of not gorging on cookies until the very end of the night, when it was late, I was hungry, and I was out of other options. I danced plenty, and Paul even danced, too, which he’s been doing more now lately. He’s still a godawful dancer, but after six years of planting it in a chair, it’s nice to see him let loose and enjoy himself, especially when the last two weddings we’ve been to were our own siblings. When we weren’t dancing, we were hanging out chatting, mostly with Emily or Julie and Michael. We spent a little time talking to his dad, too, and talked some about Paul’s mom, her issues, Paul’s own depression, and how to get her help. We also mentioned that she’s vocalized some unnecessary concern about Paul’s drinking, and I made it a point to tell him I think it got blown out of proportion. I think if he at least understands the situation, he can reel her in some if need be.

The only other issue was an uncle who had so much to drink that he spilled a beer on their presents, spilled beers on some guests, and was complained about to Katie, who had him cut off, which didn’t go over well. His wife seemed pretty drunk, too, so it’s unclear as to who drove home or how wise a decision that even was, what with three young kids in the car and all.

When it was all over, we stuck around to do what we could helping with cleanup, and we were naturally sent home with just about anything they could get us to take. Which was a whole big box of cookies, a bag of oranges, some juice, and extra favors.

And then rather than drive 45 minutes home, we took advantage of Brandon and Kelly’s spare bedroom just 20 minutes away.


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