I felt like shit the day after Katie and Jacob’s wedding. I only had one drink, so I definitely wasn’t hungover. I blame Paul and I cramming in a little single bed. I also apparently came down with a cold.

That Monday, I traded cars with my dad so mine could get its bumper replaced, then we returned Paul’s tux. We ended up driving all the way back out later in the evening to have dinner with Brandon, Kelly, Katie, and Jacob so we could all hang out since Jacob was in town and Katie was leaving with him just two days later. It’s one of those things that proves we need to get together more often, but it’s obviously not really possibly. The goal is gonna be to clean up and have everybody over so when we inevitably just talk all night, we can all go right to sleep and not have to worry about sitting in a restaurant for forever or driving home or going to work the next morning.

We tried to go for a long walk in the park at some point in the midst of this cold, and it failed miserably. We’re up to 4 1/2 miles in a trip now, and I barely made it through two.

When I still felt pretty crappy and slept pretty crappy Monday into Tuesday, I decided to call off work. I ended up spending most of the day sleeping, which seemed to help a lot. I was hoping my car would be done, but it wasn’t until Wednesday, so I headed back out to get it.

Driving my dad’s car was terrible. I’ve borrowed it before for similar reasons, but going from a new car to his sucked. I only drove it like two or three times by the time mine was done, but I was so glad to have mine back.

I took advantage of the trip and did some free laundry–which I’ve been able to do a lot of lately–and stuck around long enough to see my mom for a bit after her meeting, and the rest of the week was work. I stopped at the mall Saturday, then went for a walk and to church yesterday before spending the evening at my parents’ to watch The Walking Dead together.

I may or may not have seen it at work last month. I may or may not have been sitting on the big death reveal that whole time.


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