Work has been really busy–so busy, in fact, that three out of the last four weekends, they’ve offered double overtime pay for any extra hours worked Friday through Monday, and I’ve taken advantage of it as much as possible without actually working constantly. Typically, this has meant an extra hour on days I can swing it, then a short four-hour shift on one of my days off, either Sunday or Monday. It’s set to make me an extra few hundred bucks, and although I don’t need that money, it certainly helps. I’m off the day after Election Day, so by the time I get there, I’ll have gone to work every day for almost a week and a half.

I haven’t done a whole hell of a lot in the downtime I have had, save for getting started on wedding-dress shopping. I knew my godmother would appreciate coming along, so she and my mom went over to my aunt’s shop on Sunday. I texted Sarah the night before since her dad’s house is right down the road, so she came down for a bit.

First, we learned that I’m a tad pickier than expected, but I did try on a decent number of dresses and we did get some insight into what my likes and dislikes are. I’ve always heard that what you think you like and dislike in wedding dresses may change when they’re actually on you, although I don’t know that mine did. And there was a group favorite, but there was a catch, too–it didn’t actually fit. Wedding dresses run small, and I’m sort of between sizes right now. We did start on the lower end of the and go up a little higher, but of course the favorite dress was a consignment one that was small enough that I couldn’t actually be zipped into it, yet I’m small enough in the chest that it was too big there. There was talk of the possibility of it being able to altered enough to fit. Of course, losing weight is an option, but I refuse to be one of those brides who buys a dress that’s too small as motivation. I’m too paranoid, and I won’t push myself to reach that goal. I’d rather do it the slow, healthy way and eat less shit and exercise more.

Anyway, the woman who does the alterations said she’d need to see me in it to know for sure and that even then, she might not really know until she was taking the dress apart to do the alterations. That’s more of a risk than I’m willing to take, so the search continues with a store near my apartment this weekend. Where we go from there depends on what happens.

Since I was in town anyway and it’s the last time I’ll really be able to do this since I go back to my normal Monday-Friday schedule next week, I stuck around to watch The Walking Dead and, again, do my laundry for free.


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