Friday 5: Peaches and Herbs

  1. What’s your favorite way to consume peaches? I mean, in pretty much any dessert, obviously, but I’ve also always been a big fan of snacking on peaches and cottage cheese. My fiancé hates cottage cheese and thinks this is disgusting.
  2. To what dish does basil make its best contribution? Man, I don’t know. My cooking is still pretty basic.
  3. What’s something you’re feeling peachy-keen about? Wedding-dress shopping. Round 2 is tomorrow, and it is pretty exciting.
  4. What’s a cooking herb you dislike? I honestly can’t think of one, and not just because I don’t put much thought to them. I just really can’t think of one I dislike.
  5. What’s something in your residence that’s peach-colored or nearly peach-colored? I don’t know! There’s nothing within eyeshot. I mean, we do have peach cream cheese in the fridge, but that’s more of an artificial-looking orange. When it comes to more of a true peach color, most likely clothes or even some makeup, but even then, still unlikely.

From the Friday 5.


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