Saturday 9: Hold It Against Me

Saturday 9: Hold It Against Me (2011)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) Britney Spears addresses this song to a dance partner when she hears her favorite song. What song always makes you want to get up and dance? I can’t think of anything specific, partly because there are a few.

2) She sings that she needs a vacation. How about you? If you could escape anywhere for an affordable three-day weekend, where would you go? I don’t know. I’d love to go to Europe or Hawaii, but I know I’d want more than three days there. So maybe a nice beach town that I haven’t visited but wouldn’t feel like I needed to cram in a bunch of stuff to do.

3) Britney shows off her dance moves in this video. Her coordination shouldn’t be surprising, since she was already an accomplished gymnast in grade school. If we asked you to turn a somersault right now, could you do it? Nope. Never could, either.

4) Britney’s first and only feature film was Crossroads, written by Shonda Rhimes. Ms. Rhimes is famous for writing popular TV series including Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, The Catch and How to Get Away with Murder. Have you watched any Shonda Rhimes shows? I have, and I think my favorite is probably How to Get Away with Murder. I’m honestly kind of tired of Grey’s–it’s too over-the-top and melodramatic for me, and every time I hear something about it, I think, “Oh, that’s still on?”

5) Britney admits to smoking and biting her nails. Do you share either of these bad habits? Not anymore. I smoked a tad in college, and I bit my nails all through childhood until I got braces.

6) Britney prefers Margherita pizza to thin slice or deep dish pizza. What’s your pizza preference? I like a veggie pizza, but I’m gonna be honest, I also like pineapple on it. And I also like places that put a little balsamic on the pizza.

7) In 2011, when this song was popular, Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton was big news. Are you a royal watcher? Not at all.

8) Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died in 2011. Do you have a Mac, and iPad or an iPhone? I have a Mac and iPhone. Never saw much need for a tablet for myself.

9)  Random question: Which friend annoys you more, the one who interrupts you all the time, or the one who is never on time? Man, I’m guilty of both of these at times, and I know other people who do both, too. I’d have to say I’m more annoyed by interruptions, even though it’s a bad habit of my own I’m trying to break, because it’s rude and implies a total disregard for and lack of interest in what the other person is saying. Being late is more excusable, I think. I feel like lateness can be a product of a few different things and it’s really easy to do, whereas interrupting is a conscious decision you make when you do it.


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