Friday 5: Fair Use

  1. What was the last thing you put in the freezer not to freeze, but just to chill? Probably a drink that I inevitably forgot about, causing it to freeze anyway.
  2. What’s a non-food item you’re storing in a zippered, plastic bag? I have a bag somewhere full of old pens and pencils. I also occasionally use plastic bags to store toiletries when I travel.
  3. What’s the most unusual item you’ve used as a bookmark? I’m a stickler for using real bookmarks, but there’s currently a Giant Eagle receipt in my Two Towers.
  4. What’s something unusual for which you’ve used a kitchen utensil? I don’t know! I’m sure there’s been something, I just can’t think of it.
  5. How many different kinds of balls do you have in your house? The only one I think we have is a medicine ball. There might be like toy bouncy balls lurking around that survived childhood and somehow ended up here and not in my parents’ basement. And then there is the fact that I do live with a dude. Har har.

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