I’ve been at my parents’ house a lot lately–it’s just the way things have worked out, between dress shopping and Walking Dead viewing parties and, of course, the election. I went back a few days after that mess for a Snoopy-themed murder mystery dinner, because of course my mother wanted to go.

Paul understandably decided to pass, but Brandon, Kelly, and I went with her, and it was a good time! It was at a nice restaurant up in the mountains, so we got a good dinner, some entertainment, and some prizes from raffles that benefitted the nonprofit hosting the whole thing. I’m now the proud owner of a cute mini Christmas tree, which works out particularly well since the apartment is officially too crowded to put up a full-size tree.

Since we were in the area, Brandon wanted to stop at the casino, and of course no one objected. I’m not as crazy about the Nemacolin casino–Pittsburgh and Washington have more games I enjoy, but the rest of my family typically does well at Nemacolin. And there might be something to that. I was playing some random game and was at it a little longer than I usually stay at a slot machine that’s eating my money, waiting for my mother to get organized and want to relocate herself, when I ended up in a bonus round that hit for just under $500.

We spent a couple hours out there before we were ready to head home, and I left with my winnings intact and deposited them on our way back.

Since it was late and my dad was out of town, I crashed at my parents’ place and hung out for a little bit in the morning before heading out for our weekly walk in the park while we still have the weather to do it.


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