When Paul’s sister Emily first went off to college, she kind of went all out and got involved in all kinds of activities and things. Not all of them lasted because, you know, freshman year of college and no time for everything, but she did stick out the theater she took on, and we ventured out last weekend to see a play of hers.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I’d never seen her do anything beyond, like, background parts in high-school musicals, but I was truly pleasantly surprised. She had a decent part and did a good job of it, and I hope she sticks with it throughout college.

It was an evening of three one-act plays, and she was in the second, a fun kind of dark comedy in which Shakespearian leading ladies meet up to talk some damn sense into Juliet. The first play was I believe a Moliere, and the last was actually an interesting student-written play about relationships and dating that was a pleasant surprise, too.

We had dinner at Wasabi, a Japanese placed that had opened up just before Paul moved away from the area and in with me. I’ve been wanting to stop by for a long time, but we’re rarely in Greensburg these days. Emily being there is a nice excuse to head in, and dinner was really good.

It was a nice night out for us but pretty low-key, too. It would’ve been nice to hang out with Emily a bit afterward, but I’d signed up for a few hours of overtime starting in the morning, so we headed back so I could be up for work the next morning and once again get that double overtime pay.


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