So, before I gave the go-ahead for Stevie Nicks tickets in Philadelphia to be purchased on my behalf, I probably should’ve looked at the schedule to make sure I could get the next day off. Fortunately, despite the lack of foresight, it wasn’t a problem and this isn’t gonna be about how I was a dumbass who bought concert tickets and ended up not being able to go.

When Stevie Nicks does’t come to you and you can easily road trip to go to her instead, you do. The original plan was to hit the show the day before closer to where my grandfather lives–also making it a slightly shorter drive–but it was sold out. So we sprung for a show just a day later and a little farther across the state. When the day rolled around, we piled in the car and hit the road.

I should mention, considering past happenings, that my cousin Nolan joined my mom and I on the trip. We’ve texted some and have seen each other around now that he’s back from California, and we were both clearly okay enough with driving across the state to see Stevie Nicks that we went ahead and did it.

It was a pretty simple, straightforward trip–my mom drove, and the drive seemed to go pretty fast for me, which was surprising since I’m gradually losing my taste for long drives. I blame regular trips to and from State College in the early years of my relationship with Paul. We stopped a couple times for bathroom breaks and snacks, had a little bit of time in our hotel room to hang out and change into more Stevie-esque clothes, then it was off to dinner and the concert, which was pretty great, as one would expect. I prefer her performance-wise when she’s with Fleetwood Mac, but part of the fun of the solo show was listening to her just talk and ramble between songs.

The next day, we spent a few hours at the King of Prussia Mall, the second-biggest mall in the country. We went in with a slight plan–only visit stores we don’t have at home. We ended up not buying a whole hell of a lot, but we did get some Christmas shopping started and did walk the whole mall. Before my phone ultimately died, it had logged 2 1/2 miles of walking for the day. Not bad when you’re trying to be active, yet still a good bit for a mall.

The drive home seemed to take longer, possibly because I was tired. We were back by evening, and I hung around my parents’ house for a bit, grabbing some dinner and hanging out with Duke before heading back to my own place and into a short work week.


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