So finally, I had a weekend with few plans and no work. Sure, working a few hours over the weekend wasn’t much and it was my choice to take advantage of the opportunity for double pay, but it’s too good an opportunity to pass up and I was glad to not even have to make the decision.

So I did the best possible thing when faced with almost a full weekend to do whatever I wanted–I stayed in all day Saturday and didn’t shower until late evening. It was great.

Sunday brought church, which I’m gradually getting more and more tired of. It was okay at first, but the more we go, the more it starts to seem like a chore again. I’m looking forward to being married so we don’t have to go anymore, and that’s a really shitty attitude to have about the whole thing. But it’s how it is.

We spent the afternoon making a brief stop at a Lularoe thing because I think I’m reaching peak white-girl status or something, then had lunch, then got a quick start on our Christmas shopping. We didn’t get much, but we’re at least pretty much done with Emily. The sooner we get done, the better.

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