Friday 5: Celluloid Heroes


  1. What movie most recently impressed you with its score or soundtrack? Deadpool. I know everyone talks about that soundtrack anyway, but whoever was in charge really deserves credit for the delightful use of Juice Newton’s “Angel of the Morning.”
  2. What movie most recently impressed you with its costumes or makeup? The only thing coming to mind is The Danish Girl, but I hesitate to say that because I know of, understand, and agree with the criticism over casting Eddie Redmayne instead of a transgender actress, and it just doesn’t feel quite right to praise it for its costumes and makeup as a result. I have some other thoughts on this that I’m having trouble articulating, to be honest, but they involve praising people for putting makeup on a cisgendered man as opposed to casting a transgender woman.
  3. What movie most recently impressed you with its scenic backdrops? The Revenant. It had some great shots of the setting and scenery.
  4. What movie most recently impressed you with its originality? We recently Netflix’d Rear Window, a Hitchcock film in which a man recovering from a broken leg is spending his time looking out his window and creeping on his neighbors and comes to suspect one such neighbor murdered his wife. It surprised us with how unpredictable we found it–we’ve both seen lots of movies and read lots of books and sometimes have a really easy time of predicting what will happen or where something is going. Consult our somewhat ill-fated Prometheus screening as an example. But we weren’t sure of how things were gonna go, which was nice on its own but also because it’s an older movie and you’d think we’d be able to see right through it. Not to mention the fact that it inspired plenty of remakes and copycats, so you know it was on to something.
  5. What movie most recently impressed you with its dialogue? Rear Window wins this one, too. This ties into characterization, as well, but with the two Hitchcock movies I’ve seen–this and Psycho–I’ve noticed a pattern of not sugarcoating people and their words or actions. The genre helps, too, but there doesn’t seem to be this tendency to have people always being polite. In particular, we liked how sort of rough the character of the nurse was and how they came through in her lines, but we did feel like everyone spoke in a very realistic way.

One thought on “Friday 5: Celluloid Heroes

  1. A couple of years ago, I got to see Rear Window on the biggest screen at our multiplex. It was also my first time seeing it, and I was impressed too. Not a huge Hitchcock fan, but that was an enjoyable experience.

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