Saturday 9: Take My Breath Away

Saturday 9: Take My Breath Away (1996)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) When were you last breathless? I’m not sure, but it probably involved physical activity.

2) This is the love theme from Top Gun, and the romance was between a pilot and his instructor. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? No, but I was probably close to crushing once.

3) The pilots in Top Gun all had cool nicknames — including Maverick, Goose, Merlin, Cougar and Stinger. Give yourself a cool pilot name. Tiger.

4) The actress who played the instructor, Kelly McGillis, owns Kelly’s Caribbean Bar/Grill and Brewery in Key West. It’s known for its cheese and beer dip appetizer, served with warm pretzels. What’s one of your favorite between meal snacks? Depends on what I have in the apartment. Ideally, junk like cookies and chips with salsa, but when I’m behaving, fruit.

5) The group who recorded this week’s song is called Berlin, but they’re really from Southern California. Have you ever been to Berlin? How about Southern California? No to both, but I would like to visit both.

6) Lead singer Terri Nunn has a weekly radio show, Unbound on KCSN. How often do you listen to the radio? Do you tune in for music, comedy, news or talk? I listen to it daily in the car during my work commute. Most of it’s music, but a couple stations have morning shows and one is news–NPR, of course. I’d say I probably end up listening to NPR the most.

7) In 1986, when this song was popular, PeeWee’s Playhouse premiered. While ostensibly for children, PeeWee Herman’s show had many, many adult viewers. Do you watch still watch any kid’s shows? No, although we are currently watching Avatar: The Last Airbender through Netflix, and that was a kid’s show.

8) Robert Pattinson, the actor who played Edward the vampire in the Twilightseries, was born in 1986. Have you read the Twilight books? Seen the movies? I’ve read all the books but lost track of the movies. I was on my ass with a sinus infection when one of the sequels came out and missed out on the trip to go see it that all my other interested friends took, and I never got around to seeing it after that. That said, I think it’s a terrible series, and we were intending to view it ironically. I remember lots of joking about laughing out loud at things we weren’t supposed to.

9)  Random question: In an alternate universe, which of these professions would you like to find yourself in — United States senator, Ivy League professor, or imminent psychiatrist? Honestly, I’m interested in all three of them, but I think I’d probably do best as a psychiatrist. Unless this is a universe where I have a thicker skin and charisma.


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