Booking Through Thursday: Guilty Pleasure

What’s your guilty pleasure, reading-wise?

So I was recently listening to an episode of The Naked American Songbook that had Alan Cumming on as a guest, and they talked a little bit about guilty pleasures in terms of music. He reiterated something I’ve heard said before and something I personally believe, too, about guilty pleasures–basically, that he doesn’t believe in feeling guilty about something you enjoy, especially something like music, or in this case, books.

He puts it really well and I wish I could find the exact timestamp quickly and easily, but I’ll do my best with it. Essentially, I reject the idea that there are certain things we should feel guilty about liking, no matter the reason why. There’s no shame in liking what we like, and we definitely shouldn’t make other people feel like there is.

And you know, originally, I figured I’d go ahead and list some things that maybe people think I should feel guilty for enjoying, but as I was sort of putting my thoughts together and started typing, I started to feel like that wouldn’t make much sense for me. I mean, why spend this time talking about why I don’t believe in guilty pleasures only to turn around and single out books I might consider guilty pleasures? It would be hypocritical, in a way, and it would also play right into the very concept I’m sort of condemning right now. I feel like naming something anyway would only be contributing to the idea when I’d really much prefer the whole thing to go away.

So I don’t have any guilty pleasures, and neither should you. Like what you like, and don’t feel bad about it or like you owe people an explanation.


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