I’m not dead!

So, AXS needed someone to handle their preview coverage of New Year’s concerts, so I signed up to do it. Thing is it ended up being something like 40+ articles due in batches starting about two weeks after I signed up and spaced two days apart, which wasn’t so bad until stuff kept coming up that preventing me from devoting time to writing over the weekend. In the end, when I was home, I did nothing but write those damn articles from last Monday until I finished them up last night–and they were due last Friday. This is where Neil Gaiman’s ideas on writing are true. Paraphrased, he says that out of being good, on time, and nice to work with, as long as you hit two out of the three, people are happy. I was good and nice, but other than asking me if I’d have them done by yesterday, they didn’t seem displeased.

And since that was all I did for about a week and a half, not counting fun-filled weekends, I decided not to write a damn thing (besides this) for a week. Which then changed to a day. I’ve since changed my mind a second time and decided no writing until after Christmas. I deserve the break, but whether or not I can handle myself without doing work is a whole other issue.

But to recap what I did with my life in the meantime, the day after our museum trip, I took a trip to the mall to pick up boots I’d seen at the King of Prussia Mall when we stopped by after the Stevie Nicks concert. I’d had to order them online and was anxious to pick them up, of course, plus I squeezed in a brief trip to the mall.

The next day, we headed out to Bedford for a surprise birthday Brett threw for Nolan, in which he rented out a small movie theater and we watched the classic Parent Trap. We all commented on things like Lindsay Lohan’s career and how sad it is that Natasha Richardson died. I hadn’t seen the movie in several years easily, and it was a fun one to go back and watch.

We rode out with my mom, who told me initially that she absolutely had to leave on time because she had things to do for work, I believe, and in fact was wondering if maybe we’d be able to duck out before the set end time, but who was the first to accept the invitation to go out for drinks after? Her. So we had some food, drank, hung out a little, then hit the road back home. Paul and I hung around my parents’ house briefly before heading home ourselves.


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