On Carrie Fisher

Like most of the rest of the world who is sick of 2016’s shit, when I heard Carrie Fisher had a heart attack, I went into Panic Mode but hoped for the best. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be and now she has left us, too. I put together some words on Facebook, and I think they’re worth reposting here, much like I did when David Bowie died at the start of the year.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to “strong female characters”–women who kicked ass literally and metaphorically, who were independent, who did their own thing and made no apologies for it. When I’ve looked back as an adult on the movies and things that have influenced me, in particular that love of badass women, I’ve traced it back to two characters–Dana Scully and, of course, Princess Leia. My dad’s a nerd (he’ll deny it, but he is), so I saw “Star Wars” at a young age, and naturally, the character I loved was Leia, kicking ass and taking no shit. As I got older and the Internet and Twitter became a thing and I was able to watch/listen to Carrie Fisher’s interviews and follow her on Twitter, which was always full of gems, I saw that Carrie herself was just as much of a badass as Leia. I’ve loved hearing her sassy, outspoken, and brutally honest opinions of the world, and I’ve always hoped that one day, I’d get on her level and be able to be just as badass.

So basically, of all the losses we’ve had in 2016 that have made me sad–which was plenty–this is high up there. May the force be with you, Carrie.


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