Friday 5: Back in the Highlights Again

  1. What was your highlight in dining for 2016? I’m gonna go with my recent trip to Conflict Kitchen, because it was the most interesting and most adventurous thing I ate all year. I mean, it wasn’t that adventurous in the grand scheme of things, but it wasn’t one of my dining staples and it was a place I’d been wanting to try all year, really.
  2. What was your highlight in relationships for 2016? I got engaged New Year’s Day and have been planning my wedding at a pretty leisurely place ever since.
  3. What was your highlight in entertainment for 2016? Seeing Stevie Nicks. Does meeting cast members of The Walking Dead and Skinner from The X-Files count? Because I say it does.
  4. What was your highlight in self-improvement for 2016? At some point over the summer and into early fall, my fiancé and I worked up to walking about 4 1/2 miles on weekends. Most recently, I decided I needed to do more physical activity to get in shape, especially now that it’s too cold for said walking, and so the day after Christmas, I went to a gym for pretty much the first time in my life and lifted weights. I lifted a pitiful amount and was sore for days anyway, but I’m proud of myself for having done it and intend to make it part of my routine in 2017.
  5. What was your highlight in completing something for 2016? Probably my 40-ish articles due for AXS that are the reason why I’m writing this now, almost two weeks after these questions were first posted.

Thanks, Friday 5!


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