I found myself desperate for a haircut a few days before Christmas. I’d been intending to call my usual place in town and go but was busy with overtime and writing such, then just missed them at what was my last chance to squeeze in without looking like a complete dick. So in my desperation, I decided that risking a bad haircut was better than no haircut–it was looking like quite the mane–so I said fuck it and went to Supercuts. And ya know, they did a pretty good job, especially in a pinch. My only complaint was they could’ve taken more off, which I didn’t really realize until I left. I was just so happy to have less hair that I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that she didn’t go quite as short as I prefer it.

And so I was ready for Christmas.

This year, it was at Aunt Gina and Uncle Richard’s. As usual, it brought delicious food and a great game of Cards Against Humanity, which seems to be the new family tradition. We’ve been playing on Christmas for a good couple years running now, and it’s always wonderful and hilarious. I still wish my mom would get in on a game, but she insists on keeping up appearances in front of the cousins, I think. Even though I’m sure they all know better.

It was a really nice Christmas.

For convenience, Brandon, Kelly, Paul, and I all just spent the night at my parents’ place. We kept joking we were gonna all sleep in the middle of the living room and wait for Santa. In reality, I’m not sure where everyone ended up, except I slept in my mom’s bed with her and the dog because I’m an adult.

My mom wisely decided we have enough stuff, so she’s limited gifts to small–or useful–items and money. We got a portable scanner, which we’ve been needing, and a few other little things like DVDs, plus $150 cash each. Paul and I got a gift card to go buy ourselves a new kitchen table, a project we have yet to undertake, since Brandon got a MuchPak subscription and I couldn’t find anything similar I want. I got the monetary equivalent instead.

Our next stop was Paul’s parents’ place, which was again a lot nicer and calmer than anticipated. Well, except for the part where Paul’s grandmother started talking about how she doesn’t talk to “coloreds” with a tone that bordered on pride.

All things considered, though, it was a really good Christmas. Calm, simple, and nice.


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