When I started feeling a little ill a few days before New Year’s, I figured I was just coming down with a pain-in-the-ass cold that I’d sleep off over the long weekend, returning to work Tuesday just fine. Not so!

I had a sore throat that persisted for days and only teased me with improvements–it would feel better over the course of a day, but overnight, the pain would wake me up. Every day that went by, I was convinced I’d be fine the next, even to the point that I was sure I’d be able to go to Terra’s for New Year’s, as planned. Didn’t happen.

Although I didn’t really have any other congestion or anything, by about Sunday, my ears had filled with fluid. I was able to relieve the left, but the right wouldn’t let up. I’ve kind of been through this before–just around the time Paul and I met and started talking, almost the same thing happened, and it knocked me on my ass for about three weeks that summer.

For the most part, I was awake and lounging around the apartment at first, but somewhere around Monday and Tuesday, I slept through both days almost entirely. I was awake maybe only a couple hours total, and with zero improvement in anything, I waited for Paul to get home from work and take me to MedExpress.

Turns out that although my right ear felt worse than my left, my left was actually infected, so MedExpress hooked me up with prescription-strength decongestants, antibiotics, and steroids, all of which I was thrilled to have and take. I swear the decongestants must be magic because I felt better after one dose of all my drugs than I had in days, enough that if I really wanted to, I probably could’ve gone back to work the next day. But I decided to take one last day to give the drugs a chance to really work, especially on my ears.

I went back on Thursday, still sounding pretty shitty but feeling immensely better, a full week after I’d last been in. One of the supervisors even commented that they figured it must’ve been pretty bad. I think in the past, I’ve only ever called off two days in a row, and this time, I hit three spread out over a holiday weekend.

And here, over a week after that yet, I’m still not 100%. My ears took a few more days to make any significant improvement and still pop and feel a little clogged sometimes, mostly in the morning. Even my sore throat still won’t leave me the hell alone–I keep having days where it starts to hurt a little again, but then the next day, it’s gone. At the moment, it’s bothering me enough that I’m concerned I’m gonna wake up back to where I was when this all started. I think part of it was going to the gym yesterday and just wearing myself out at a time when maybe I shouldn’t be, but the fact that I’ll feel okay one day then kind of shitty the next is really frustrating. It’s like I can’t quite shake whatever it is I got, and as much as I don’t want to overdo it, it’s like I can’t even trust it when I feel okay and it’s not taking much to move backwards. I’m really hoping going to bed early tonight will be a good solution because I’m gonna be pretty pissed if I go through another round of being sick.


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