I spent my first weekend as a functioning human again eating at Primanti’s–because when you’ve barely eaten in a week, why not start with a sandwich topped with coleslaw and fries?–and running some errands. I bought a wall-mounted shelf on Etsy, convinced it would improve my quality of life, and when it arrived, I insisted we go buy tools to mount it rather than waiting to borrow them. We’re gonna need them eventually anyway. I was right about it improving my quality of life, too, because now I have a spot to put mail, my keys, and my coat as soon as I come in the door. It’s cut down on coats strewn everywhere, and I’m hoping it cuts down on mail ending up all over the place, too.

The next day, my mom and I met up at the casino for a bridal show that I got into for free by saying I was booked with my wedding DJ. At this point, there’s really not much at all bridal shows can do for me since all my major things are either booked or chosen and waiting to be booked/paid for, but because it was so close and, well, free, I figured I might as well. And of course we took the opportunity to gamble, too, and when I ended up hitting and pulling a tiny bit ahead–like 20 bucks ahead–I was satisfied enough to leave.

One of the frustrating things about getting sick was that it happened just after I’d started going to the gym and intended to get into a good workout routine, and of course I wasn’t going while I was in bed all day. Even when I did get back up and off to work, I didn’t feel great about going back to the gym, but we did it one night with Paul’s friend Marc again while he was still in town. They kicked my ass again, though not quite as bad as last time, and I was glad to be getting back to my plans.


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