Friday 5: Questions to Make Your Hands Clammy

As always, from Friday 5.

  1. Who’s been a ray of sunshine lately? In all seriousness, my fiancé. I finally got him to look into antidepressants, and they’re working.
  2. When do you next expect to be stuffed to the gills? Whenever I go out next, probably. Which is typically once a week, but with an upcoming visit across the state to see my grandfather, it’s tough to say when that’ll happen. I’d kind of like to go out to dinner somewhere while we’re there, though it’ll just be us visitors, since he’s unfortunately in a nursing home.
  3. Among people you know, who can really tell a whale of a tale? Honestly, my group of friends from high school/college had some great ones. And even though we had a bit of a falling out and aren’t together the way we used to be, I’d be lying if I said they weren’t still some of the best stories I have.
  4. What’s something you’ve been herring good things about? The school district where a house we’re looking at tomorrow is located. Thinking way ahead, ya know.
  5. Which of the S.S. Minnow‘s passengers or crew do you think you’d get along best with? Either the Professor or Mary Ann. I mean, she could be my bestie and he could be my lover.

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