Friday 5: Shiver Me Timbers

Thanks to another large batch of articles that I managed to fall miserably behind on, I disappeared off most of the internet planet for about two weeks, which is kind of ridiculous. So I’m catching up.

  1. When did you last make what could be described as a wriggling motion? I think trying to get out of a tight t-shirt. Boobs don’t help with that.
  2. What never fails to give you the willies? Spiders.
  3. What’s something you’ve seen on TV or in a movie that made you squirm? I mention from time to time that I work for a closed-captioning company, so I get to watch a lot of TV before it airs. We can adjust the size of the video, and of all the medical shows I’ve watched with surgeries and other gory things, the only time I ever had to use that feature was when I was working on Monsters Inside Me and they were showing the gruesomeness of having a parasite living in a dude’s face.
  4. What’s something in your life that could be described as serpentine? I honestly don’t know!
  5. Where can you get a really great shake? Look, it’s hard to mess up a milkshake and even harder to find one I don’t like. But I’m always a fan of small, local ice-cream stands, and Vinny’s out near my parents’ house is my favorite go-to for that. That had this great cappuccino shake I drank a lot one summer. And now I’m bummed that they’re closed for the season and I’ll be dogsitting next weekend.

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