Saturday 9: Some Guys Have All the Luck

Saturday 9: Some Guys Have All the Luck (1984)
Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) Do you consider yourself lucky? No. In fact, the running joke is that my brother is the lucky one and wins things all the time, and the whole family remembers an ill-fated childhood Mardi Gras where he won a prize immediately, I didn’t, I started crying, and everyone felt bad and bought me tickets until I won. My parents have insisted I keep my prize until death, a pink stuffed bear they call Costly.

2) When did you last risk money in a game of chance (lottery, raffle ticket, slot machine, etc.)? How did you do? It was a slot machine, I think a few weeks, maybe a month ago.

3)  There’s a major football game this weekend. Will you be watching? Do you have any money riding on the outcome? It’s now over because I’m getting to this quite late, but I didn’t watch, just as planned.

4) The composer of this song, Jeff Fortgang, is an interesting guy who’s had two disparate careers: first pop musician, then Yale-educated clinical psychologist. It’s possible that many of the patients who see him for help with anxiety or depression have no idea that he wrote this song. What’s something your coworkers (or, if you’re not working, casual friends) would be surprised to know about you? I don’t know. Most know that I write, which isn’t too surprising as it is because the job does attract English majors. Maybe that I play guitar, too.

5) Similarly, fans are often surprised to learn that this week’s featured artist, Rod Stewart, is a history buff who loves reading about WWII. Is there a period of time or historic event that has captured your interest? My dad’s a WWII buff, too, and I got a little bit of that in that I’m particularly interested in the Holocaust. I also went through phases of being fascinated by ancient Egypt and the Titanic as a kid. Although I wouldn’t say I’m totally over the ancient Egypt thing.

6) Rod met his current wife as the result of a dare. Penny Lancaster, then in her 20s, spotted the decades-older celebrity in a bar and only approached him because her friends bet her she didn’t have the guts to talk to him. Are you, like Penny, vulnerable to peer pressure? Can your friends talk you into doing things you might not otherwise do? They can, but I’m getting more assertive when it comes to things I feel strongly about.

7) Rod vividly recalls being 11 years old and going to see Little Richard perform in a film comedy called The Girl Can’t Help It. When you were a kid, did you enjoy going to the movies? What do you recall seeing? I did, and I still do. I remember seeing a lot of the classic ’90s Disney movies in theaters. I remember seeing The Lion King at the drive-in, and I also remember seeing A Bug’s Life, Toy StoryThe Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Hercules. I also saw one of the Star Trek movies with my dad. If he tries to tell you he’s not a nerd, he’s lying.

8) The lyrics tell of when Rod’s car overheats and he calls a friend, who doesn’t come through. Tell us about a time recently when you were there and helped a buddy out. My best friend fell on ice last week and broke her arm in two places. A few days ago, she came home from getting it looked at again to find that her dog had gotten into a cabinet she’s never touched before and ate all sorts of things, leading to a bit of a swollen stomach. She can’t drive for medical reasons as it is and has a broken arm anyway and her usual go-to people who live closer were all unavailable, so I drove out about 45 minutes with my fiancé to take the dog to the vet. We got Taco Bell for our troubles.

9) The lyrics mention that “some guys do nothing but complain.” Who do you know who is like that? Do you have a friend, relative or coworker who just always seems to find fault? Not so much these days, fortunately, but I’ve known some in the past.

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