Saturday 9: Love Yourself

Saturday 9: Love Yourself (2015)
Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.
1) In this song, Justin sings that he doesn’t like to admit he’s wrong. When did you most recently cop to a mistake? I can’t remember, but statistically, probably something to my fiancé.

2) He also complains that his girl doesn’t like his friends. Who is someone that you’ve met recently and liked? I haven’t met too many new people recently, aside from brief interactions with my fiancé’s former coworkers. The only one I can think of who I spent enough time with to really form an opinion was Ian, who he worked with at Alcoa and I heard a lot about at the time. Ian and his girlfriend were both really nice and really cool.

3) Justin first performed this song live on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Who is your favorite talk show host? I don’t watch many talk shows anymore–a combination of working full time and not having cable. But Ellen is definitely one. I don’t know how much it counts as a talk show, but I’m also a Dr. Phil fan, strangely, because he takes no shit.

4) Young Mr. Bieber recently had his credit card rejected … at a Subway Sandwich Shop. Think about your last trip to a fast food restaurant. Did you pay with cash or plastic or your phone? I rarely carry much cash, and most recently, I got a credit card mostly for the balance-transfer offer, but one of the perks is cash back. So to really take advantage of that, I’ve been putting all my purchases on the card then paying them off as soon as the transactions post to the account.

Even though we’re featuring a lack-of-love song, this is the last Saturday  9 before Valentine’s Day and so this morning we shall focus on the upcoming holiday. 

5) In Victorian England, it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine. Have you ever received an anonymous card from a secret admirer? No, but some friends in high school once raided my locker and included pseudo ransom notes.

6) Retailers report that approximately 3% of pet owners buy Valentines for their furry friends. Have you ever purchased a gift for a pet on a special occasion? Me personally, no, but my mom always buys gifts for the dog for Christmas.

7) It was once believed that if a maiden ate a heavy meal before bed on February 13, her dreams that night would reveal the identity of the man she would eventually marry. Do you find that eating too close to bedtime disrupts your sleep? Nope.
8) The postmaster in Verona, Italy, reports that Shakespeare’s Juliet Capulet still receives love letters. Without looking it up, can you give us a quote from Romeo and JulietI can toss out a few stray lines from the very beginning. Mostly “in far Verona, where we lay our scene,” and “two star-crossed lovers take their life.”
9) Necco’s Sweethearts — those little candy hearts that say things like “Be Mine” — are Valentine Day’s top-selling confection. Sam never could stand eating these candies. Do you like them? Nope. Does anyone? For real?

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