Saturday 9: Johnny Angel

Saturday 9: Johnny Angel (1962)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, a girl sings that she’d rather spend a quiet evening at home than go out on a date. How about you? Do you enjoy quiet time? Or do you prefer keeping a busy calendar? A little bit of both. If I have a few busy weekends in a row, I start dying for a weekend with no plans where I can stay home for almost all of it.

2) She dreams of how her life with Johnny would be. What did you most recently daydream about? Hmm. Statistically, wedding stuff. It’s definitely been my biggest distraction, at least.

3) Shelley never considered herself a singer and is more comfortable acting. A costar on The Donna Reed Show, she was pressured to make this record by the show’s producer, who wanted extra exposure for the show by having this song on the radio. Tell us about a time you ventured outside your comfort zone.  I mean, I was kind of shoved out of it at work when they had me start working on commercials, which I think I’ve mentioned before. They just intimidate me because of the quick turnaround and different procedures.

4) Elvis said she was his favorite leading lady, and she appeared with him in three films. What qualities do you appreciate in a coworker? Reliability, respectfulness, and actually doing their job well and taking it just seriously enough.

5) She met her close friend and fellow teen star Annette Funicello when they were 12 and attended the same Catechism class. What do you recall from your middle-school years? Pre-teen girl bullshit, mostly, and puberty. Those two things are probably related.

6) After The Donna Reed Show, Shelly went on to a recurring role on One Day at a Time and was twice nominated for an Emmy for her work on Coach. Her husband is Mike Farrell, who played BJ on M*A*S*H. Which of those four sitcoms would you enjoy binge watching? M*A*S*H seems like the one I’d enjoy most.

7) In 1962, the year this song was popular, is also the year Jack Nicklaus began his successful pro golf career. Do you enjoy playing golf? Watching it on TV? No to both, although I do enjoy a game of mini-golf.

TWO Random Questions (especially for Harriet):

8) A 2013 study said most Americans will have 12 romantic relationships in their lifetime. Does this mean you’ve had more or less than your share? Far less.

9) It’s closing time at the mall and you find yourself accidentally locked in a toy store. You call the police and they say someone will be there in about half an hour to rescue you. While you wait, will you play with any toys? (If so, which ones?) Probably, although I don’t know what. Most likely any of the more interesting electronic stuff for kids that hadn’t been invented yet when I was a kid.


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